Mood Flip

I created this video lesson to instigate the process of visualization. This video would be assigned the day before students start to create their project. The goal of the project is to create a mood in the context of an environment or setting for our digital storytelling class.

Visualization is at the heart of all storytelling so it is essential that students can begin the process and use it as their fundemental tool when creating their stories.

This video lesson is meant to help them actually see, hear and feel the impact of production techniques. I hope that by giving them this concrete example they understand the power they have to communicate a feeling and get excited about their own project.

Flipping the learning for this lesson is important because the students require time to elaborate their creative ideas which tend to germinate overnight.

I have found that by simply focusing students on the creative process and asking them to stop and visualize before they begin their projects,  outcomes and learning improve.

Dear students,

This video shows creating a mood with simple post production techniques. The objective is to help you start to use visualization for your projects. I suggest you watch the video directly from YouTube so the screen is bigger. It will be easier to follow the edits and effects.

Watch this video before class tomorrow.




5 thoughts on “Mood Flip

  1. I really like your video. I also like how you have the students visualize their ideas and concepts before they start a project. Do you have experience with the flipped classroom?


    1. Hi Matt, I have done assignments like this in the past but I have never implemented it on a broader scale. I have seen lots of presentations about it and in Jan. I saw a college physics professor show the results he got especially with his stuggling students. I was sold because during his presentation I felt like I was learning. He’s a great teacher but I think that this technique really helped him be even better and helped his students. I want to try more of this.


  2. Hi Dave! All I can think of is how much more I want to learn about Digital Storytelling! I love that your video was concise and asked students to think about their plan for approaching the next day’s work. Great use of flipped instruction!


  3. Hi Dave,
    Great job on the video. I think that technology related classes and topic suit the flipped classroom concept well because not only will the videos provide the students with some background, they will also be able to access the videos on as needed basis as tutorial resource. This allows you to help students take their work to the next level when you are in FTF meetings.


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