EDIM 516 Unit 1 Post_diianni

Unit 1 Blog Post_diianni


3 thoughts on “EDIM 516 Unit 1 Post_diianni

  1. Dave,

    Thanks for sharing your experiences. Do you have any tech conferences that you can recommend for people who aren’t tech specialist? It sounds like these are worthwhile experiences!


    1. Hi Brooke,

      I really enjoy FETC in Orlando. It’s in January which is nice coming from NJ! but mainly the conference is very comprehensive and user friendly. Workshops are offered at all levels but to be honest by the end of a week the tech starts to seem very easy. The first few years was like an intensive emersion in tech ed so very worthwhile. ISTE is great, very similar in terms of content and format. It moves around the country though so depending on where it is I attend or not. It was in Phil. last year so I attended and met some of the people from Wilkes/Discovery Ed which was great. This year it’s in Colorado I think so too far and expensive for my travel budget.


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