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Board Builder is a tool that develops the Synthesizing Mind by pulling together media rich content allowing students to use multiple intelligences to process new knowledge and access existing knowledge. Students can go to one location and have an overview or big picture of the topic and from there connect to more in depth conent and extension activities as well as assesments. This allows them to self-direct their learning.

In the same way, Board Builder can develop the Ethical and Respectful Mind by giving students multiple inputs and points of view in one place. They can easily compare their own point of view or understanding with a competing idea and evaluate the relative merits.

Learning about universal issues is at the core of developing ethics and respect. By using DE content to show students other contexts the Board Builder acts as a perspective taking tool. We can show the student videos and photos as well as texts that give insight into issues that affect others in different parts of the world. We can also address those same issues in our context and compare how we are all affected.

If students can connect to others in different countries by accessing linked websites like Citizens for Global Solutions and the Global Oneness Project, they will see the teacher assigned content in the context of others confronting the same issues they are learning about.

Most philosophies and religions ask people to project themselves into other peoples “shoes”, in other words do mental perspective taking exercises. The best way to foster respect is through understanding another’s motivations and challenges. When we abstract that understanding to the whole world we develop an ethical mind through the understanding that our destinies in a smaller, global world are tied to one and other.

I would use the type of websites mentioned above to create activities around global issues that will allow my students to interact with others through direct communication as well as sharing media.

Gardner, H. (2007). Five minds for the future. Boston, Mass.: Harvard Business School Press



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