Di Ianni u05a1 Creativity and Students

After discussions with my students I have been able to better understand their point of view on the importance of creativity in the classroom. They expressed that creativity functions on many levels; the teacher using creativity to design interesting, engaging lessons, students being stimulated to use their creativity, the type of media available for students to engage in and express their learning using creative arts, as well as the creative use of traditional assessments applied to digital media.

I will write this blog about the students’ thoughts and ideas in the first person as if the collective opinions were synthesized into one student and she is expressing them on behalf of her class.

“I like coming into class when I know we that we will do different types of learning activities. Some days my teacher starts out with BrainPOP, which we all love because they explain things well in the video and we can also create our own stories using Google Draw to help us understand the lesson better once we have seen Moby do it”.

“If we are having difficulty understanding a topic we get to choose an activity to help us. We get 10 minutes and we can choose a TEDed lesson or Kahn academy. We can also use a graphic design program to visualize the relationships of the things we’re learning about. We can find a video on Discovery Education or even YouTube that will help us. When we are done, if we have a better understanding of the topic we have to share it with the class. We can give an oral presentation or make an ad for the new idea with a poster software.”

“Using creative thinking to solve problems feels like I’m working out my brain and building mind strength. Sometimes our teacher gives us a problem to solve, which seems really impossible when he says it but we work in small groups and brainstorm. Even though no one thought they could figure it out on their own, together by just blurting out the first thing that comes to our minds, we are able to start to get ideas of how to solve it. Then we think harder and we usually solve it. We do a video interview of each to explain to the rest of the class how we solved the problem, like we were experts on TV! That makes me feel really good, like I did something important with my day. “

“I wish every class could be like that.”


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