Di Ianni u03a1 – Educlipper Board


Students focus on the philosophical question posed by Hamlet’s most famous soliloquy about his existential crisis.

The content on my Hamlet board gives the students the opportunity to connect elements from the play and relate them to the background of the story or the significance of the search for meaning at the heart of Shakespeare’s greatest work.

The knife (bare bodkin) symbolizes the vulnerability of being human and instills the innate desire for death in Hamlet. The narration overview represents the surrounding story that compels Hamlet to view life as barely worth living and the flowchart of characters expresses Shakespeare’s tendency to kill off his characters.

Students are asked to reflect on modern day existential questioning to highlight the universality of the themes in Shakespeare. The young man with his head in his hands and the article on cyberbullying represent teen depression, which will become a part of tying Hamlet to the lives of students.


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