Di Ianni u02a1 – Writing Prompt


Instructions to students for this writing prompt:

Write min. 250 words describing this young man. Explain what happened to him before he sat down on the wet, frost-covered grass. What is he thinking? What will he do next?

Teacher Notes:

In my class we learn creative writing techniques as well as method acting techniques. Both activities ask the students to open their minds to their inner voice. The process involves breathing, relaxation, focus exercises and learning to allow random association of ideas to flow. Acting and writing involve associating personal experience and emotions with the character. Learning creative expression techniques taps our personal source to create a character that has an emotional life. Acting and writing require us to access emotional memories, which are sometimes hard to face. Truthful acting and writing are therefore acts of personal courage, which leave the creator vulnerable.

Teachers must be relentless in their efforts to create an environment where students can feel safe to open up and leave their emotional comfort zone. The results are worthwhile and students tend to implicitly understand that once they believe in their teacher


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